About Us:


100+ combined years of Technology and Sales Experience. Management from Major Corporations in the areas of Sales, Distribution, Technology, and  Network Marketing for Major Corps. We have a better Distribution System---it combines Network Marketing with Indirect Channel Sales (selling through Retail Outlets).


We are not just another “Network Marketing Company”, our Representatives, similar to McDonald's Franchisee, get a detailed Step by Step “Business Plan”. It provides more than just showing them how to succeed with a list of 25 names consisting only of friends and family to call on like every other Network Marketing Co.

Although this has worked in the past for a small % of “heavy hitters”. That business model is an outdated approach via the Social Networking generation and has a high failure rate for the average Independent representative. Our Business Model reduces risk of failure due to our tried and true “Business Plan” that generates leads through effective Internet Marketing.

Old MLM / Network Marketing systems have a high rate of failure by doing the same thing and expecting a different result. This is a clear sign of insanity, our Business Plan and Unique Business Distribution Model which combines Independent Business Consultants with the ability to move products to consumers and to Retail outlets is simple. It has at its core tried and true elements of most Business Plans that simply work.

”Our Corporate structure combined with Network Marketing is unique because it provides a system of recruiting the right people while eliminating the “Glass Ceiling”. This provides a truly entrepreneurial vehicle to create wealth through not 1 but 2 components of distribution.


Our Products Cost less due to our Distribution System’s use of Technology and cutting Costs which are passed on to the Consumer. Through our ever growing Network of Independent Business Consultants throughout the USA. we use relationships combined with the efficient use of Technology to give superior Customer Service.

Consumers will have the alternate choice of purchasing products through Independent Consultants or authorized CBN Retailers locally who provide convenience and personal service.   Retailers will be able to secure products through a Network of Independent Business Consultants Nationally to provide them with Training and superior customer service.


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