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For those of you who are new to our Website - Welcome to Cooperative Beauty Network. We are a subsidiary of Golden Pyramid Communications and Cooperative Alliance Distribution (which is a National Distributor of Name Brand Products) for the purpose of distributing a variety of Products through a National network of Business Consultants. 

As a Wholesaler / Retailer we realize that you are looking for the following:

           1.       Best Pricing available
      Convenience in Ordering Products
      Timely Shipments
      Merchandising / Marketing techniques to best sell the products ordered
Superior Customer Service via Knowledgeable personnel

Our Company can offer you all of the above via National buying power. We employ a large Network of Business Consultants who not only stock product locally and are trained to provide you the service and attention that has been truly lacking due to cut backs and other economic factors.

Through the efficient use of Technology in our Sales/Training process, it has been our strategy to eliminate the redundant/costly practices which we have successfully accomplished.  These costly redundant practices have existed in the sales / training process for centuries. This practice has stagnated the growth of many companies and is part of our competitive advantage.  Now we pass on to you our efficient business practices to provide you the best price available when purchasing products from our company.

You have the option of placing your Orders through our Website or through a local Business Consultant.

Our competitors use the old fashion Sales / Training processes which has additional expenses and costs associated with their process that are passed on to you. We have successfully eliminated this cost through the efficient use of technology.

We invite you to review our Overview below which will explain our process and we hope that after your review you take advantage of the savings we can provide.  We couple this process with the service and innovative marketing
you’ve been looking for to increase sales at your business


To View an Overview showing
How you can Save Money!
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