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For those of you who are new to our Website - Welcome to Cooperative Beauty Network. We are a subsidiary of Golden Pyramid Communications and Cooperative Alliance Distribution (which is a National Distributor of Name Brand Products). Our purpose is to distribute a variety of Products through a National network of Business Consultants.  We allow consumers to make purchases through our Website’s e-Commerce pages. This allows our Business Consultants to earn income 24/7 while offering consumers the convenience to shop online. It is our sincere intent to provide you with the tools and Training necessary which will allow you to build a successful business working from home.

No successful Business has ever operated without a Business Plan. As a National Distributor we consider this the
“key ingredient”  which you will receive as part of your Training that is designed to give you a “Step by Step” road map in order for you to become successful with our company.

Through the efficient use of Technology in the Sales process it is our strategy to eliminate some of the redundant practices, as well as costs versus people, which we have successfully accomplished.  These costly redundant practices have existed in the sales process for centuries and has stagnated the growth of many companies. We have eliminated these practices to create our competitive advantage.

Sales is a numbers game.  With the Online/Offline Marketing and Advertising campaign that we have designed, it is our intent to supply our Business Consultants leads on a consistent basis.

If you wish to become a Business Consultant please review our Online Multimedia Presentation by clicking on the Screen below.   It will give you an overview of our Business Opportunity which is unique. Our Business consultants, unlike any other Network Marketing Companies representatives, have the opportunity to market to consumers while simultaneously have the opportunity and training on "How to Sell to Retail Accounts", which affords a more consistent income stream. 

We sincerely hope that after you review our Online Multi-Media Presentation you will become part of our truly unique opportunity and ever growing organization.  We hope that you will take advantage of our lucrative opportunity.

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